A Country Called Home (2016)

Release Date: 26 February 2016 Director: Anna Axster Runtime: 1h 30min Genres:
Movie Rating:
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“A COUNTRY CALLED HOME” is a film about forgiveness, family and navigating the blurry lines between being an adult and growing up. Soundtrack by Ryan Bingham. Anna and Ryan have been collaborating for a long time (Anna directed all of Ryan’s music videos) and together with their team they have found a great group of investors to fund “A Country Called Home” and they are launching a Kickstarter campaign TODAY to ask YOU to participate in getting them to the finish line!

The drawback to “A Country Called Home” is that it stays in the same register for almost the entire movie, remaining in a consistently easy, chill groove. The scenes between Poots and Bingham are strangely compelling, given the low-energy pace, which speaks to the charisma of the performers. There are a few slapstick or emotionally high-key moments, but they pass too quickly to really change up the dynamic. Another odd aspect of the film is the way that it feels taken with the “exotic” or profoundly different nature of the American South. Sure, it’s seeing that world through the outsider perspective of Ellie, but sometimes it feels as though they are looking for the differences, rather than the common ground.

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