Colonia (2016)

Release Date: 15 April 2016 Director: Florian Gallenberger Runtime: 1h 50min Genres:
Movie Rating:
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«Colonia» is a political thriller which is set during the Chilean military coup of 1973. Watson and Bruhl, playing Lena and Daniel respectively, are entangled in the chaotic situation in the movie directed by Florian Gallenberger with a script by Torsten Wenzel. Watson believes Daniel is taken by the secret police and she is trying to track him by joining a cult.

The plot of the movie takes place in Chile of 1973. Lena (Watson), a stewardess working for Lufthansa, travels to Santiago de Chile to visit her Boyfriend Daniel (Daniel Brühl), a photographer and artist working closely together with supporters of President Salvador Allende. When Pinochet overthrows the Government and assumes power, Daniel gets identified as one of the Allende’s supporters and is captured and transported to a remote colony in the South of Chile, called Colonia Dignidad. Lena searches for Daniel, figuring out that Colonia Dignidad is a sect run by the sadistic Paul Schäfer, who cooperates with Pinochet. She decides to infiltrate the cult, search for Daniel and free him.

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