Elvis & Nixon (2016)

Release Date: 22 April 2016 Director: Liza Johnson Runtime: Unknown Genres: ,
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It is the year 1970, to be exact, it is the 21:12. There is no indication that this date will have historic significance — until fate knocks at the door of the White House: The King (Michael Shannon) asks for an audience with the president (Kevin Spacey).

Any etiquette miss leaving — so Elvis eats exclusively for Nixon reserved M & Ms and drink the Dr. Pepper — submitted to the king the leader of the free world an offer that it can reject poorly: Elvis Presley wants to use his expertise in acting and as undercover agent hired to assist actively in the fight against drug trafficking.

The most used image posing superficially innocuous for Elvis and Nixon, is only the beginning of an entirely different legend that keeps hiding the network to intelligence in the White House on their toes.

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