From Vegas to Macau 3 (2016)

Release Date: 6 February 2016 Director: Jing Wong Runtime: 1h 53min Genres:
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From Vegas To Macau 3 is a Hong Kong action comedy sequel about a gambling master who finds out that someone is trying to kill him. He and his friends set out to track down the suspect.

The movie started with the ending from “From Vegas to Macau II” where the cardsharp Ken’s (Chow Yun Fat) lifelong lover-nemesis, Molly (Carina Lau), skydiving sans parachute from her private jet. She now appears to be trapped inside some sort of laser bubble — unconscious, naked and horribly airbrushed — while her admirer, mad scientist Yik Tin Hang (Jacky Cheung) fumes about making Ken pay. Over in Macau, Ken is busy having a meltdown over the wedding of the century of his daughter Rainbow (Kimmy Tong) to his godson Vincent (Shawn Yue). To help him snap out of it, his friend Mark (Nick Cheung) hypnotizes him into thinking Vincent is marrying his fat cousin.

Things go very wrong when Michael (Andy Lau), the disciple of Ko Chun, phoned in with a warning to beware of Yik Tin Hang who has hired mercenaries to kill Ken. An explosion during the wedding causes both Rainbow and Vincent to fall into coma, while Ken and Mark are accused to have engulfed DOA’s illicit money. Enraged, Ken swears to seek vengeance and to pursue the mastermind who has entangled them in his evil plans.

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