Ghayal Once Again (2016)

Release Date: 5 February 2016 Director: Sunny Deol Runtime: 2h 7min Genres: ,
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Ghayal sequel will take off from wherever it let off. The flashbacks work effectively for connectivity. Action sequences would be the soul of the film. Ajay Mehra who had been sentenced to some prison term for killing Balwantrai with the exceptional men in 1990 has served his jail term and owns a news channel named Satyakam now. His nemesis Raj Bansal has become a big deal in Mumbai. He is the 2nd Balwantrai that has political control. Raj includes a druggie son Kabir whose anger and arrogance knows no bounds. In a fit of rage, Kabir kills a guy and the evidence of the crime is captured inside a video accidentally by four university students Zoya, Varun, Rohan, Anushka. Sunny Deol returns as Ajay Mehra after two-and-a-half decades and well, he isn’t exactly the same. He is brilliant within the action scenes however the emotional ones really are a complete switch off. Somehow there is lots of emotional turmoil in Mehra’s character within this film understanding that does not suit Sunny much. Soha Ali Khan plays Mehra’s psychiatrist and she or he churns out a typical performance. Narendra Jha plays the antagonist Raj Bansal which is sad to determine that a villain’s character is stripped right down to just giving instructions to individuals, yelling around, which makes it a complete bore. Tisca Chopra plays Bansal’s wife and she or he hardly has almost anything to contribute for the reason that role. The four newbies do a sufficient job of playing idealistic university students.

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