Gotham Season 1 Episode 13

Release Date: 7 Mar. 2016 Director: Bruno Heller Runtime: 42min Genres: ,
Movie Rating:
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Gotham S01E13 — A Dead Man Feels No Cold.

Gotham is a dark, intense drama that creates a backstory for many of the characters prominent in the Batman comics and movies. The show focuses on Detective James Gordon, a newcomer to the police force who struggles with his definition of justice as he faces the corruptive influences of his city.

As such, he’s sometimes in league with the show’s villains to one degree or another, so the line between good guys and bad guys (and between good and bad behavior) is subjective and always changing. Violence is the biggest concern in this show; beatings, shootings, stabbings, and other exchanges are common and bloody.

In some cases, the perpetrators use violent tactics to elicit loyalty through fear as well. You’ll also hear a fair amount of cursing, with «hell,» «ass,» «damn,» and «bitch» as frequent choices. That said, this show’s excellent storytelling and complex characters make it a solid pick for sturdy teens and adults.

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