Hardcore (2016)

Release Date: 8 April 2016 Director: Ilya Naishuller Runtime: 1h 30min Genres: , ,
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«Hardcore» ( in worldwide box «Hardcore Henry») — a new full-length Russian fantasy thriller Ilya Nayshullera . The film is shot entirely in the first person . Action » Hardcore » comes within one day . GoPro camera was used for filming . During the filming of the camera was mounted on the stunt head , including the well-known tracer Sergei Valyaeva . Beautiful married life near the charming Estelle — that’s all he remembers the protagonist, after waking up in an unknown scientific laboratory, where it leads to a sense of his own wife. But the wife is immediately stolen, and know nothing about the protagonist Henry is already forced to chase the monster Akana, who stole his wife. Now, for the sake of achieving the goal, Henry is ready for more. But then it turns out that not only he is an enemy to Akana. We suspect Jimmy also their plans for the villain. Now, with the boys to save the Estelle and prevent attempts to use an army of cyborgs in the fight against humanity. They will have to deal with the very embodiment of evil.

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