Hatuna MeNiyar (2016)

Release Date: 30 January 2016 Director: Nitzan Giladi Runtime: 1h 55min Genres:
Movie Rating:
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The Israeli film ‘Hatuna MeNiyar’ ( ‘Wedding Doll’), Nitzan Giladi, will be screened in competition in the official section of the 60th International Film Festival of Valladolid (Seminci) although initially was scheduled at Meetpoint, paragraph that It comes as a new feature film ‘Min lilla syster «(» My Sister Skinny), Sanna Lenke (Sweden / Germany). According to information provided by the festival, ‘Hatuna MeNiyar’ is starring Hagit, a young woman with a slight mental retardation and language difficulties trying to feel free to overprotection of his divorced mother and, working in a small family business paper, maintained a secret relationship with the son of the factory owner. For its part, the Swedish-German production ‘Min lilla syster’ ( ‘My Skinny Sister’), Sanna Lenke, approaches the world of adolescence and eating disorders labor Stella, who discovers that her older sister Katja , whom he admires greatly, it hides a disorder of this kind that is slowly tearing the family.

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