How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 15

Release Date: 17 Mar. 2016 Director: Peter Nowalk Runtime: 43min Genres:
Movie Rating:
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How to Get Away with Murder S02E15 — Anna Mae.

Parents need to know that How to Get Away with Murder is a drama with an ensemble cast of law students who work with a powerful, complicated attorney and professor. Most of the action falls along the police-procedural spectrum; expect graphic descriptions of violence, death, and murder, occasional depictions of dead bodies, and plot twists concerning terrible deeds.

Also expect references to sex as well as on-screen sexual activity, including a character shown in silhouette having extramarital sex on a desk and one man exhorting another man to «turn over» in bed. Lawyers are willing to take morally questionable or unethical actions to win cases; they are praised for doing so and receive no consequences.

Many scenes take place in bars, and characters refer to needing a drink. Cursing is generally mild («Get the hell out of here!») but can be sexist: «Stop acting like a little bitch.»

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