Keanu (2016)

Release Date: 29 April 2016 Director: Peter Atencio Runtime: Unknow Genres:
Movie Rating:
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On what you can for your pet Probably a lot: share with him the most delicious meals give him a soft sofa walk along the street and even take with you on a journey But what to do in case a pet that firmly and forever won the hearts of all households and has become one of the full members of the family suddenly disappears without a trace Someone in this case, pasting announcements about the loss someone is looking for a pet asking people on the street someone writes posts in Internet for help. But perhaps this method of tracing your pet, as the heroes of the film, no one practiced. After completely disappears Keanu cat owners whose soul it does not chayali, two old friends begin his search and soon find out that the cat had been abducted by strangers. Without thinking, the guys decide to dress up two steep gangsters to create a warlike and frightening appearance. That they manage. Appearance and manners of the latter-day bandits are so desperate that they shy away from all the passers-by. And all this only in order to return home and missing the cat to punish his captors. Well, in that their mission will be successful, you can not even doubt!

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