Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 7

Release Date: 2016 Director: Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim Runtime: 42min Genres: ,
Movie Rating:
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Legends of Tomorrow S01E07 — Marooned.

Vandal Savage’s trail goes cold, and Rip is unable to track it without an upgrade to Gideon’s software. The team receives a distress call from another time ship, the Akeron, so Rip decides to chart a course for the disabled ship to steal their current A.I. software. Rip, Dr. Stein, Jefferson, and Mick board the Akeron. Everyone but Stein are captured by time pirates, who want the Waverider. The pirate captain attempts to board the Waverider, but Rip initiates protocols on the Waverider to protect it.

As such, the pirates fire on the Waverider, damaging the hull. Sara and Snart attempt to fix the hull but get locked in the engine room, where the air is slowly leaking out. As Stein rescues the others, Ray flies into space to repair the hull from the outside. Meanwhile, Mick betrays the team and leads the pirates to the Waverider.

Rip and the others retake the Akeron, while Sara and Snart stop Mick and the pirates on the Waverider. Snart promises to take care of Mick so that they does not betray the team again. Rip also recalls memories of his wife giving up being a time master so they could have a relationship.

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