Lucifer Season 1 Episode 9

Release Date: 2016 Director: Tom Kapinos Runtime: 42min Genres:
Movie Rating:
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Lucifer S01E09 — A Priest Walks Into a Bar.

Lucifer, a new drama series from Fox, follows the life of Satan as he lives in Los Angeles attempting to solve a murder and use his powers to start helping people. The fact that a show like this could even be made much less air on a major network is another sign of just how far society has turned from God and the Bible.

Beyond the straight-up procedural elements, Lucifer also does an excellent job of building its own mythology across the first three episodes made available for review — leading up to one heck of a good mystery. Lucifer is joined on Earth by Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt), his closest confidante and devoted ally (she also doubles as his de facto bodyguard). There’s also an angel, Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside), kicking around, who is trying to convince Lucifer to return to Hell and restore the balance between good and evil. As for that big mystery? We won’t spoil it, but it definitely ups the stakes considerably.

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