Miles Ahead (2016)

Release Date: 1 April 2016 Director: Don Cheadle Runtime: 1h 40min Genres: ,
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The film’s entry point is the five-year gap in Davis’s output during the second half of the 1970s, when the musician remained holed up in his New York home, besieged by chronic pain from a degenerative hip condition and addled by drugs and medication,” writes David Rooney in the Hollywood Reporter. “The script uses the familiar figure of a crafty journalist to get a literal foot in the door, when Dave Braden, claiming to be on assignment from Rolling Stone, doesn’t let a punch in the nose deter him from a juicy story. The existence of an unheard session tape that falls into the hands of unscrupulous record producer Harper Hamilton, and Miles’s reckless attempts to recover it, drive much of the principal late-’70s action…. Miles is subject to constant triggers that transport him back to earlier decades, whether performing, working in the studio or reliving his romance and marriage with dancer Frances Taylor, who became his muse until the relationship disintegrated due to his drug use, violence, infidelity and possessiveness.

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