Misconduct (2016)

Release Date: 5 February 2016 Director: Shintaro Shimosawa Runtime: 1h 46min Genres:
Movie Rating:
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Misconduct is a hybrid between a behind-the-scenes legal drama and a cat-and-mouse whodunnit movie. Ultimately, this movie is riddled with mysteries and frights and excited utterances.

As a young attorney ravenously climbing his way to the top of the firm’s food chain, Ben (Duhamel) is willing to undermine the justice system because he believes that he is serving humanity’s (and his clients’) best interests. Meanwhile, his estranged wife Charlotte (the lovely Alice Eve) is still reeling from the loss of their son. As a married couple they are flailing, but her love for Ben is ironclad as a prenuptial.

Things take a sinister turn however when Ben’s ex-girlfriend (Malin Akerman as the temptress Emily), the current lover of an older billionaire/controlling owner of a drug company (Anthony Hopkins as the cunning Denning) appears in an attempt to dually seduce Ben. First, she wants his body, and second, she wants him to prosecute Denning’s company for knowingly and wantonly supplying a drug to unsuspecting patients that causes terrible side-effects including death. Both of her cravings place Ben in an awkward position. Ultimately he chooses the second option, a lucrative $300 million lawsuit against Denning.

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