Showdown in Manila (2016)

Release Date: 18 February 2016 Director: Mark Dacascos Runtime: Unknown Genres:
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Russian man in search of a secluded dwelling place, where no one would be left alone, and look wandered to the other side of the planet, to the Philippines. It seems so far away from his past, he ran for a reason, if it has brought so far from the native land. In dangerous jungle island Barkan he lived for several years, and to return to the civilized world is not going to. Locals do not touch it, but he does not stick to him with silly questions. Everyone here knows each other in the face and that it is enough to say with confidence that life on the island is safe. And here believe that the main enemy of man is not a predator of the wild jungle, wandering in search of profit, but the man himself. Only with the advent of a new resident in their unremarkable village can expect the most unpredictable and not always pleasant consequences. Once in the village there was a blatant case. Local people found murdered their fellow villager. This has never been here and suspicion fell on Filipino bandits who claim to these lands. Apparently the man went their way and wages, not long in coming. Now, all indications are that the next victim could be the daughter of thugs killed a man. She needs to be protected and the Russian men have to take patronage over it. He will have to recall all what he is away from home trying to forget the past and are caught up with him.

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