Sing Street (2016)

Release Date: 15 April 2016 Director: John Carney Runtime: 1h 46min Genres:
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Sing Street is a music-driven, coming-of-age love story from Once director John Carney. It tells the story of Conor (Ferdia Walsh-Peelo), a teenager who moves to an inner city school when economic reality bites for his parents.

“Sing Street’s” protagonist is Conor (Ferdia Walsh-Peelo), a lanky loner under a mop of brown hair in 1985 Dublin. His parents’ marriage is on the rocks, money is tight and he’s just enrolled at a school for boys called Synge Street. Upon arrival, Conor is immediately targeted by the school’s official bully and harassed by a no-nonsense priest who insists that Conor wear black shoes to school.

But salvation arrives in the form of a 16-year-old vision named Raphina (Lucy Boynton) who lives in the home for girls across the street from the school. In a rush of confidence, Conor introduces himself, finds out she’s an aspiring model and invites her to be in a music video for his band. To prove his credentials, he sings her a few bars from A-ha’s “Take On Me.”

Conor may have a voice, but he doesn’t have a band. So he quickly recruits a number of musically minded cohorts. In no time, the band is writing music and cluttering up seedy Dublin alleys with band equipment and goofy costumes pulled from their parents’ closets as they try to videotape their way to stardom. Raphina eagerly participates, looking like a woman among mere boys because, well, that’s pretty much what she is.

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