Suits Season 5 Episode 16

Release Date: 2016 Director: Aaron Korsh Runtime: 44min Genres:
Movie Rating:
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Suits S05E16.

Suits is a US legal drama TV series that’s been on the air for 5 seasons since June 23, 2011. It was created by Aaron Korsh and set in a NYC law firm. It is executive produced by Doug Liman and Dave Bartis and produced by Universal Cable Productions.

The series plot revolves around the figure of Mike Ross, a genius college dropout with a photographic memory and a passion for law. One day he’s running as a drug deal has suddenly gone bad and ends up in an interview for a position at a law firm with one of the lawyer sharks of NYC, Harvey Specter (David Costablle). Mike is apparently the best candidate, but is not a Harvard Law grad, or a grad at all, for that matter. Harvey hires him, and this is where it all begins. The intrigue of keeping Mike’s secret concealed, the legal issues – internal within the firm, as well as the cases undertaken, Mike’s personal issues all reappear in the storyline again and again.

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