The Invitation (2016)

Release Date: 8 April 2016 Director: Karyn Kusama Runtime: 1h 40min Genres: ,
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It’s been two years since Eden was last seen by anyone, including her ex-husband Will. The tragic death of their young son Ty not only drove a divisive wedge into their marriage, it drove Eden to attempt suicide in grisly fashion. However, the couple’s eventual spilt was amicable enough that Will and his new girlfriend Kira now find themselves as invitees to a homecoming celebration of sorts. Eden and her new husband David are finally ready to resurface in Los Angeles by opening their home and reconnecting with the friends Eden left behind. Returning to a house haunted by painful memories is uncomfortable for Will, but what takes place once the party is underway truly shakes his senses. Eden and David have a peculiar houseguest named Sadie, and an even more peculiar new friend named Pruitt. The unlikely foursome met as members of The Invitation, a fringe philosophy group dedicated to counseling broken people through grief and suffering. The New Age mindset appears to have worked too, as Eden has not beamed from a smile this bright since before despair destroyed her life. Still, Will wonders if that uneasy smile might hide sinister intentions. As laughter and wine are shared amongst the partygoers, seemingly harmless moments shape into shadowy clues fueling Will’s unshakable suspicion that all may not be what it seems. Is Will’s own fractured mind spiraling into hysteria or do Eden and David have devious plans in store for their unsuspecting dinner guests?

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