The Midnight Man (2016)

Release Date: 1 March 2016 Director: D.C. Hamilton Runtime: 1h 45min Genres: ,
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The Midnight Man is a bit of a campy action movie that does do some neat things here and there, but it also gives off the vibe that it is trying really hard to be cool. Will Kemp is probably the hands-down best part of the movie, as he plays our leading man who has been using his ability to not feel pain to his advantage. When that goes away it opens up a whole other type of situation for our lead and the story remains interesting enough, even if it fails to really blow us away as well. The movie does offer up a whole list of names I’m sure you would have heard of before now, from William Forsythe to Brent Spiner to Doug Jones. Don’t get me wrong, the movie remains one that you want to finish as you watch, but at times things just sorta feel a little off and I’m unsure if it because of the plot or just the way some of the characters are that keep holding this one down.

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