Underworld 5 (2016)

Release Date: 21 October 2016 Director: Anna Foerster Runtime: Unknown Genres: ,
Movie Rating:
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Underworld is a story about Selene,a beautiful vampire warrior played by Kate Beckinsale, who falls in love with a human named Michael. The werewolves are after Michael for some reason and a war breaks out between vampires and werewolves.Working around that plot, we are now about to get the fifth segment of the series. Underworld 5 also now has a director in Anna Foerster, marking the first time that a film in the franchise will be helmed by a woman, which is also good news if you love Underworld — and good news for films in general, following the ACLU’s recent announcement of an investigation into gender discrimination in Hollywood, particularly as it pertains to the hiring of directors.

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