Vikings Season 4 Episode 3

Release Date: 2016 Director: Michael Hirst Runtime: 44min Genres:
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Vikings S04E03 — Mercy.

Vikings, for all its reliably exciting action, is well served by stillness. With Ragnar Lothbrok hobbled, perhaps irrevocably, the show is forced to slow down as well, and in an episode like “Mercy,” we’re reminded how that’s not a bad thing.

Especially after the dull, jittery kingdom-hopping last week, “Mercy” is a welcome rest note in the flow of the tale. Floki isn’t at peace strung up in his cave prison, the incessant drip of water on his head driving him toward madness, but his immobility and his cries at the start of the episode give way immediately to Lagertha’s cries of pleasure as she, her enemies vanquished for now, enjoyably beds Kalf over in Hedeby.

Ragnar is denied sleep, too, his restless waking echoed across the sea in Wessex, as King Ecbert also finds himself stalking his domain by torchlight, ultimately being confronted by the ghost, or vision, or dream of the dead Athelstan. While Vikings toys intermittently with its characters’ various beliefs in mysticism, the scene derives its power more from how it underscores that the death of the conflicted, curious monk has severed the bridge between the worlds of these two kings, and their gods.

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